Dog Care- Importance of Good Health for Dogs

Dog Care

Keeping a close eye on your dog’s health is essential along with booking regular appointments with the vet. A thorough examination makes it possible for the vet to identify potential medical problems and deal with them before they get worse.

Importance of Health Care

  • Regular checkups ensure that your dog’s vaccinations are updated and give you peace of mind regarding your dog’s general wellbeing. Some pet owners limit vet visits to injuries and illness but the reality is that health assessments are necessary for detecting any changes in your pet’s health.
  • Your vet should see your dog annually and as frequently as possible if it is very young, very old or has chronic medical problems. Regular vet visits are an integral part of preventative dog care. Book appointments for your dog regardless of whether it appears to be healthy or physically fit in case you miss some subtle health changes.
  • A checkup will constitute your vet examining your pet, checking the abdomen, listening to the heart, checking for respiratory and ear problems as well as observing the coat. When your dog visits the vet on a regular basis, it becomes more comfortable with the checkups.
  • Restricting vet visits to moments of illness can make the dog anxious about visiting the vet. This makes the dog associate vet visits with moments of distress and bad experiences. Visiting the vet often is encouraged to make the experience positive for your pet.


Vaccinations are necessary for keeping your dog healthy and you can arrange with your vet to receive notifications whenever your dog is due for a vaccination. A schedule will ensure that you never miss a vaccination and if you want to travel with your pet certain vaccinations are required.


Prevention is important for dog care when dealing with parasites. Parasites are responsible for transmitting various infectious diseases. Your vet can provide you with tips regarding how to prevent parasite infestations and avoid different worms.

Behavioral Problems

Annual examinations also make it possible to consult your vet about any strange or anti-social behavior that your pet may be displaying. Behavioral problems can usually be dealt with effectively if they are handled at an early stage.


When the vet looks at your pet’s teeth, he or she can determine whether or not professional cleaning is required. Good dental care is essential for all dogs because problems in this area can lead to problems that affect other organs in the body because of bacterial infections. Dental checkups give you the opportunity to learn more about home-based dental care practices that you need to adopt for your pet.


Unfortunately, many dogs are afflicted by obesity. This is why it is important to weigh your dog as often as you can to ensure that the right weight is maintained. An overweight dog is vulnerable to numerous medical problems. If your dog is in this situation, it is advisable to discuss nutrition and exercise with your vet. It is also important to prevent your dog from being underweight because unusual weight loss can be a sign of a medical condition.