Keeping Food Fresh to Reduce Waste and Save Money

Food Fresh to Reduce Waste and Save Money

In both business and domestic premises, we waste money every month by throwing food away. Nearly everyone is guilty of this since we don’t manage to appropriately plan for our needs. We are so concerned about running out of something that we over-buy.

This is particularly true in a business context when running out of supplies can be reputationally damaging. And yet, even in our homes, we are all throwing food away. The Huffington Post revealed that every year the average American throws away nearly half of the food that they purchase. This is a shocking statistic, and it is estimated that if the waste was reduced by just 15 percent, then 25 million extra people would be fed every year.

Better Planning

In the UK, there is also an awareness that we are wasting food. There are several reasons for this, one of which is that we are purchasing blindly. We tend to shop based on what we think we might need for the day, week, or month, rather than planning exactly what we are going to be using. For a family, eliminating waste might also offer an exercise in working together as a family once a week, sitting down together, and planning the meals for each day and what everybody will want as snacks and what you will be drinking. Then you can just buy what you need. Purchasing online is easier because you won’t be tempted by things you see in the aisles.

Check the Temperature

For a business, planning maybe a little more difficult. You have to cater for the maximum number of people who may be present, and inevitably a few people may not turn up. However, most businesses will make purchases that will be retained longer rather than being eaten in one sitting. For these, it is important to maintain them at the correct temperature. As Exeter City Council points out, it’s not just waste that is an issue with food being kept at the wrong temperature. In fact, keeping food at an incorrect temperature is the main cause of food poisoning, which of course can be reputational suicide for a business.

Getting the right commercial refrigeration equipment is of course paramount when it comes to keeping the temperature right. It is important to shop around and find the right appliance for you at a store that has a good range of different refrigeration units. This should be done before making a purchase because if you get it wrong, you could lose a lot of money.

To keep food fresh in a refrigerator, it should always remain below eight degrees Centigrade. Above that bacteria can multiply exponentially, which leads to food poisoning. Additionally, if you are a little unsure about a particular item and whether it is still edible, you will of course throw it away. This is another cause of waste, so keeping food in top condition is as much a money-saving measure as a hygiene requirement.