How to decorate a corner to listen to music at home

How to decorate a corner

Are you a music lover? Surely your greatest dream is to create a beautiful musical space at home; and there is nothing like arriving, after an exhausting day, and relaxing listening to those songs that transport you to another time, to other times, to other places. Today we will give you some ideas on how to decorate a corner to listen to music at home, paying great attention to each of the details.

Record player or mini system

Although it is true that turntables return with great force to our lives, we cannot forget that there are people who prefer other formats to listen to music. The mini-chains still remain a reality and, therefore, continue to be part of our musical corners.

However, we choose one or the other, what is important is to find a good location for it. A musical corner should be a place where we don’t have to be constantly watching people go by. As far as possible, it is a space away from the rest of the busiest routes in the home.

Likewise, since we want everything to be within our reach, let’s not just look at a piece of furniture to place our turntable or mini system. Let’s also look for a piece of furniture that allows us to store music as possible.

In the case of records, there are pieces of furniture that are truly marvelous. Let’s take into account that the format of the discs is larger, so space must be high enough so that they can enter without problems.

Old furniture that gives character

If we want a bit of vintage style in this musical area, let’s not miss the opportunity that second-hand furniture offers us. Those pieces with a retro touch can be adapted to those corners and that can, in this way, give it a certain different character.

There are real wonders that you can get second-hand, perhaps with the option of restoring them yourself (here are some ideas for restoring old furniture ). In addition, many current furniture firms opt for this sixties or seventies aesthetic that will give a radical turn to this musical corner. If we can’t get an antique piece, retro furniture is also a good option.

A place to be comfortable

It is not just about having a space in which to place our music equipment. The truth is that it would also be good to try to equip it with some furniture to be able to sit and enjoy as if it were a reading corner. You have many options. There are those who opt for chairs, but those comfortable ones, the ones that allow you to sit, enjoy and read. Comfortable and ergonomic seats that are ideal for the smallest spaces.

However, we believe that the best way to take advantage of this musical space is by placing a comfortable and soft armchair. Even a sofa so we can lie down while we play our favorite records.

Decorative details for a musical corner

When it comes to decorating, obviously we can do it in a thousand different ways. Although it is true that we can add other elements that do not have to do with music, we find it very successful to place pictures of artists and even musical instruments. Also, there is an option that is really interesting. It is about placing the covers of our favorite albums as pictures.

We can use shelves or shelves to place them above the musical equipment. In addition, there are also frames that allow us to easily insert the vinyl so that later when we want to use them, we can remove them easily.

What did you think of these proposals on how to decorate a corner to listen to music? We hope they inspire you… Thank you for following us!

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