What is a Swag, and what does it mean?

Camping gear is the most straightforward and most convenient method to go on an adventure for the uninformed person. The swag tent is a traditional canvas bedroll with a thin mattress, a uniquely Australian innovation. Essentially a more sophisticated sleeping bag, a swag tent protects you from the elements. The long, thin device zips up, covering your complete body, including your head, like a one-person tent.

The primary advantages of swags are ease of use and convenience. A swag tent is the most acceptable way to enjoy the outdoors since you can set it up. You may get a first-hand look at the area you’re camping in by immersing yourself in the landscape.

Camping may become so alluring to some people that they lose sight of its primary intent. It’s becoming increasingly common for campers to bring along extra equipment and gadgets. Distractions from the primary aim of camping are a result of them. Investing in large, high-tech tents will make it appear never to leave your house. Then again, what’s the point? Camping in swag will allow you to experience camping easily and comfortably.

When Buying a Swag Tent, Here Are Some Things to Keep in Mind

Make a mental list of your goals and expectations for the trip, and you’ll be well on your way to a successful adventure. People who travel in pairs may require extra luggage for both of them. When purchasing a swag tent, here are some things to keep in mind:


When shopping for a new swag tent, the fabric is the most critical consideration. The best material for swag tents is high-quality cotton that has been specially milled to be water-resistant. Please keep a lookout for second-hand proofing choices because some manufacturers may strengthen their fabric of choice with additional waterproofing features.

Ensure your tent is built of a suitable material by checking its waterproofness rating (yes, this is real). As long as the fabric’s waterproofness rating is over 1000mm, it’s safe to say it’s waterproof.


Some swag tents, despite their attractiveness, aren’t up to the task of transporting a tent. Your swag tent’s drainage and ventilation should be given special consideration while planning the structure’s layout. Your swags should be constructed in a way that directs water away from any holes, much like a decent tent. Look for water leaks where the swag tent’s body meets the tent’s floor.


Because it will be exposed to the weather, you should expect to spend some time maintaining it if you decide to buy it. Camping gear should be kept clean and free of dust and trash. Make sure your swag tent is entirely dry before folding and storing it. Mouldy swag tents are the last thing you want when you’re ready to go on a new journey.


Even if you’re continually searching for the cheapest camping swag tent, you’ll get what you paid for. Consider the cost of the swag tent you’re purchasing before buying it to ensure you’re receiving the most value for your money. Make a list of things you’re willing to compromise on and things you’re unwilling to compromise on.


Mattress size is a significant factor in a good night’s sleep. The typical thickness for a camping swag tent is between 50mm and 70mm. While a 50mm mattress may do for a few nights, a 70mm mattress is a need if you want to use your swag tent for an extended period.