Fun recycling ideas

Recycling is just as important for kids as it is for adults – instill good habits in your little ones with our fun recycling ideas.

From toilet paper rolls to egg cartons and plastic bottles: everything that used to seem like “garbage” can now be put to a new and entertaining use with some recycling ideas while we enjoy our children. In addition, by the way, we will be teaching them what recycling is by raising awareness about the path that garbage takes and the waste that pollutes our environment.

Do not get rid of those plastic boxes that you thought were taking up a lot of space in your house. Because they could be very useful to start recycling with your children at home. Of course, make sure they are clean and disinfected before giving them a new use.

Ideas for recycling if you have children at home

Turn Your Paper Rolls Into Fun Figures

Entertaining use with some recycling ideas

Paper rolls are always available in our home. Whether it is toilet paper, kitchen paper, or packaging. We will always find one to give a new use. Transforming it into a useful object or a very original accessory to play with at home.

With a little imagination, we can transform it into a pencil holder, or if we paint it black and add wings, it will turn into bats that we can use for Halloween. You can even paint them in bright colors, then thread a string through them, and they will serve as decorations for the party. Now you know how to recycle cardboard tubes!

Separate The Garbage In Different Containers

To separate the garbage at home, invite your children to draw about the four types of containers for recycling: blue (paper and cardboard), green (glass), yellow (plastics and cans), and orange (organic waste). The idea is that they draw related figures and then put them on top of the containers or on them. Then together as a family, you can take the separated rubbish to the nearest recycling point.

Form Your Own Musical Band

The concept of what recycling is for children has to do with the playful and creative nature of the activity. Therefore, all those empty plastic containers that you no longer use, including bottles, you can give to your children to form their own music band and thus create crafts with plastic bottles for children. The pebble-filled cream jars can be turned into maracas, just like the bottles that will turn into rain sticks.

Reuse Shopping Bags

There was a time when we got used to asking for a lot of plastic bags every time we went to the supermarket. Luckily, that time is in the past and today we are more aware of the damage of plastic in the environment. One way to recycle at home with the kids is to reuse the most resistant bags or create our own personalized gender bags and embroider the names of each of your children on them.

Don’t Throw Away Your Children’s Old Clothes

An easy and immediate idea to start recycling clothes with your children at home is to give a new use to those old clothes that you were going to throw away in the trash. You can use those worn-out stockings to create puppets, you take out the pockets of your old jeans and you can create a panel to store keys, or with those old-fashioned shirts, you remove the sleeves, add some suspenders to the neck and transform them into a new kitchen apron.

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