7 diuretic foods that will help you lose weight and eliminate fluids

diuretic foods

According to the definition of the specialized website Tu Otro Médico, diuretics are foods and drugs that remove water from the body and help to improve the symptoms generated by some diseases. However, they are also used improperly to reduce sizes, causing more harm than good. Therefore, it is essential to include them as part of a healthy, complete. And balanced diet, instead of exceeding their consumption for the sole purpose of losing weight.

Next, we review some of the most outstanding diuretic foods and drinks you can find. Taking advantage of their potential benefits to avoid health problems such as fluid retention. Of course, consult your family doctor about the changes you want to make in your diet or the possibility of starting a diet, especially because some, such as keto or paleo, low in carbohydrates, can shorten your life and be harmful to your health.


Among other benefits as protecting the brain or liver, increasing concentration. Or reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases,  coffee also works as a natural diuretic. This research indicates that high doses of caffeine between 250 and 300 mg – the equivalent of about two to three cups of coffee – have a diuretic effect.


Asparagus is a very low-calorie food: 100 grams only contain 18 kcal since 92% of their weight is water, offering an important diuretic effect to the people who consume them. They also prevent urinary tract infections and kidney stone problems, are a prominent source of fiber and have great satiating power.

Green Tea

The different types of tea are loaded with benefits for our health. Green tea, widely used in traditional Chinese medicine, is the most indicated of all of them to avoid the dreaded and annoying fluid retention, being advised to take it better in the morning. It is also high in antioxidants, improves digestion, reduces bad cholesterol, and is anti-inflammatory. Keep reading Keeping Food Fresh to Reduce Waste and Save Money


Delicious fruit that is optimal for the hottest months of the year, is an ideal dessert or snack between meals. With great antioxidant powers, great for staying hydrated, taking care of the skin, and eliminating toxins. Its high water content and the presence of carbohydrates together with vitamins and minerals. Such as potassium, vitamin AC, B3, B5, and folic acid stand out.


It is the diuretic vegetable par excellence, common in the Mediterranean diet and in cuisines such as Greek, British or Polish. The best way to consume it is raw, enjoying its refreshing potential, its richness in B vitamins -which promote cellular health-, folic acid, vitamin C, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc.


A fashionable cereal rich in diuretic effects, ideal for preventing fluid retention, eliminating fat, and improving digestion. Nutritionally, it has carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and fibers. It is also satiating and restorative, improves tiredness and fatigue thanks to its energy supply, and reduces cholesterol and hypertension.


All of them are recommended, but especially blueberries, also ideal for preventing urine infection.  Strawberries, raspberries, currants, blackberries, and blueberries belong to this family, rich in flavonoids, and therefore, prevent diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular problems, and hypertension, as well as fight aging.