Decorating the floor of a place is as essential as decorating the ceiling with lights and false ceilings. Carpets and shag rugs are a great way to decorate the tiles of a house or a hotel. Shag carpets are a perfect blend of comfort and aesthetics. The material is so soft and provides utmost comfort to the feet. The material consists of long fibres that look like hair.


The roots of shag rugs originated in the 1960s in Europe. Even before that, such mats were widely used in kingdoms in ancient times. They were placed under the king’s chair to keep his feet. They were also used in the entrances of every room. In modern days, such rugs are placed near beds in the bedroom and below the sofas in the living room. The first kind of this rug was known as ‘Flokati.’ The first rugs were hand woven to craft perfect designs into the delicate material. With the advancement in technology, these rugs are now being produced using sophisticated machines.

Characteristics of Shag rugs

  • They are made of long fibres that give a fluffy and hairy appearance.
  • They are unique as they differ from other carpets in terms of material, designs, and shapes.
  • They are primarily nude in colour with a simple design and soft material.
  • They come in shapes and sizes like oval, square, rectangular, etc.
  • They were out of fashion around the 1970s but provided a significant comeback with the development in quality and designs.
  • Such carpets are placed where there is less walking involved.
  • They are an integral part of interior decor.
  • Initially, they came in bright colours like yellow. With the demand for aesthetics, they are now being produced in ivory, beige and white.

Types of Material Used 

Wool- is the most common material used as it is a natural fibre found in abundance. It is also very soft and can be mixed with other fibres to produce the perfect fabric.

Flokati- This is the term used for woven goat hair. This naturally occurring material gives a traditional look to the rugs. They are very thick and protect the feet from the coldness of the floor during winters.

Leather- While pure leather cannot be used, it can be mixed with other materials to make the rug durable. Leather rugs provide a rustic appearance to a place. One should be careful while vacuuming such rugs as the material can be damaged easily.

Why should you buy shag carpets?

Shag carpets offer many advantages to the user. Many people buy such carpets because they match the decor and interiors of the house. They are an excellent option to consider if one is looking for aesthetics. It calms the feet as the material is fluffy. Stepping on this rug after a tiring day at the office provides ultimate comfort and warmth to the feet. They can be used for years as they are pretty durable. They also represent class and the unique selection choice of the owner.

They are baby and pet friendly.

The soft material with which the rug is made up provides an excellent place for the pets to relax and sleep. Many cat and dog owners purchase such rugs for the sole purpose of relaxing their pets. These rugs are also made up of non-toxic material. Hence, it does not cause any harm to pets and babies. It is beneficial if a baby is in the house as the bare floor can be cold and not hygienic. Carpets are also not best recommended as they are a bit rough. Shag carpets provide ultimate comfort to babies, allowing them to play for hours and even fall asleep.