How to Clean Leather Coach Purse?

Owning a leather Coach purse is a joy and a privilege. As an iconic American luxury brand, Coach is known for fine craftsmanship and beautiful designs that stand the test of time. With proper care and cleaning, your Coach leather purse will last for many years to come and maintain its elegant look. Follow this guide to learn the best practices for keeping your Coach leather clean, conditioned, and protected.

Supplies Needed

Supplies Needed: Clean Leather Coach Purse

Cleaning and conditioning your Coach leather purse doesn’t require much. Gather these basic supplies to get started:

  • Microfiber cloth
  • Soft brush (toothbrush or paintbrush)
  • Mild leather cleaner or saddle soap
  • Leather conditioner
  • Distilled water
  • Small bowl
  • Cotton pads, swabs, or soft cloth

Avoid using regular tap water, paper towels, harsh chemicals or silicone/oil-based products on your leather purse. Stick to specialized leather care products and the gentlest cleaning tools. Additionally, if you own a Coach handbag, it’s essential to be mindful of the Coach handbag warranty. Following these guidelines and using appropriate products will not only keep your leather purse looking pristine but also contribute to the fulfillment of any applicable warranty terms.

Regular Cleaning

  1. Wipe Away Dirt and Dust: Wipe your Coach purse with a microfiber cloth to lift away surface dust and dirt after each use. Don’t use paper towels or other rough materials that could scratch the leather.
  2. Spot Clean Stains: Dip a cotton pad or swab in watered-down mild cleaner. Gently blot wet stains to lift dirt and oil. Avoid rubbing harshly.
  3. Clean Interior: Use a soft cloth to wipe out the inside of your bag. You can use a leather cleaner diluted with water for more stubborn dirt or stains.
  4. Brush Away Debris: Use a soft brush to gently whisk away dirt trapped in small cracks or textured areas. Never scrub hard.
  5. Moisturize the Leather: Apply a small amount of leather conditioner to keep the leather from drying out. Buff gently with a clean cloth.

Deep Cleaning

Every few months, do a more thorough cleaning:

  1. Mix Cleaner: Dilute a mild leather cleaner like saddle soap in a bowl of distilled water. Use a minimal amount of product.
  2. Test a Spot: Dampen a clean corner of cloth in the solution. Test on a small hidden spot of your purse to check for color transfer or damage.
  3. Wipe Down: Dip a new cloth in the solution and wring it out well. Gently wipe down all exterior surfaces of your Coach purse.
  4. Dry Thoroughly: Wipe the purse with clean dry cloths until no moisture remains. Allow to air dry completely.
  5. Condition the Leather: Once fully dry, apply your favorite Coach leather moisturizer. Let it soak in before buffing.

Stain Removal Tips

Accidents happen. Try these methods for stubborn stains on your Coach leather:

  • Ink: Gently dab with rubbing alcohol using a clean white cloth. Avoid wetting the leather too much.
  • Grease and Oil: Sprinkle cornstarch onto the stain and let sit overnight. Wipe away gently in the morning. Repeat if needed.
  • Makeup: Dampen a cloth in diluted mild cleaner. Blot makeup gently, don’t rub.
  • Liquid Spills: Blot immediately with an absorbent cloth. Dry with a fan to prevent water marks.
  • Mystery Stains: Use a leather cleaner designed for tougher stains. Test first and rub very gently if needed.

Conditioning and Protection

Moisturizing and protecting your leather purse should be part of your regular care routine:

  • Condition Every Few Months: Apply a thin layer of high-quality leather conditioner. Wipe away excess after allowing it to soak in.
  • Protect Before Storage: Wipe purse with a leather protector or apply a coat of natural mink oil before storing for extended periods.
  • Stuff Purse Before Storing: Fill empty purses with acid-free tissue paper before storing to help it hold its shape.
  • Avoid Direct Heat: Don’t place leather purses near direct heat sources like radiators or in the sun for extended time.
  • Check for Wear: Look for cracked, dry or peeling leather which needs conditioning. Watch for fraying, damaged stitching or hardware.

When to Seek Professional Help

When to Seek Professional Help

While you can keep your Coach leather purse looking great with at-home care, some scenarios call for a leather restoration expert:

  • Major stains that require aggressive stain removal
  • Damage like scratches, peeling leather, broken hardware or ripped seams
  • Signs of mold or mildew
  • Leather that feels stiff, overly dry or cracked despite conditioning
  • Discoloration, fading or dye transfer
  • Odors that you can’t eliminate at home

Reputable leather pros have the right tools and expertise to handle major repairs and restore your purse. Locate a specialist through Coach for the best results.

Storing Your Coach Purse

  1. Stuff It: Fill empty bags with acid-free tissue to hold the shape.
  2. Use the Dust Bag: Place your Coach dust bag over the purse before storing in a closet.
  3. Lay It Flat: Never store leather goods standing up or folded as this can lead to sagging.
  4. Avoid Direct Heat: Protect leather from radiators, vents or long sun exposure.
  5. Clean Before Storing: Wipe away dirt and condition the leather so it doesn’t dry out.

Do’s and Don’ts of Caring For Your Leather Coach

Do's and Don'ts of Caring For Your Leather Coach


  • Spot clean spills and stains right away.
  • Moisturize with conditioner every few months.
  • Use specialized leather care products.
  • Blot away wet spills, don’t rub.
  • Store in a Coach dust bag.
  • Keep stuffed when not in use.
  • Dry thoroughly if it gets wet.


  • Use regular water or tap water to clean.
  • Rub harshly at stains or scratches.
  • Use silicone or oil-based products.
  • Soak the leather or submerge in water.
  • Store in direct sunlight or near heat sources.
  • Allow spills or stains to set untreated.
  • Fold or bend leather tightly when storing.


How can I tell if my Coach purse is real leather?

Genuine Coach leather feels supple yet durable. It should not feel overly dry, stiff or cracked. Real leather will have some natural imperfections and grains. The Coach creed patch inside should say “crafted from fine Italian leather.”

What is the best way to clean the fabric lining?

Use a soft cloth dampened in a very mild soap and water solution. Avoid over-wetting the fabric and blot dry immediately after cleaning. Check for colorfastness first.

Is it okay to use leather protectant sprays?

Yes, sprays help repel water and condition leather. But use them sparingly and avoid silicone-based sprays. Test first and let the leather dry completely.

Should I take my Coach purse to a leather specialist for conditioning?

You can condition your leather Coach bag at home unless there are signs of serious dryness, damage or need for extensive repairs. Then it’s best to see a leather pro.

How can I get rid of a musty smell from my used Coach purse?

Airing it out may help dissipate odors. You can also try absorbing smells with baking soda or charcoal packs left inside overnight. Check for mildew and have a specialist treat if necessary.

In Summary

Coach leather handbags are designed to become vintage heirlooms when properly cared for. By gently cleaning, moisturizing and protecting the leather, your purse will maintain its timeless beauty and last for many years to come. Just as skateboarders wear protective gear and durable clothing to prevent damage during their adventurous rides, it’s important to avoid harsh chemicals or scrubbing when caring for a leather Coach purse, ensuring its lasting joy and memories, much like the careful maintenance of a cherished accessory.