What do Skateboarders Wear

If you’ve ever seen a skateboarder whizzing down the street, performing tricks and jumps with ease, you may have wondered what they wear to be able to do such stunts. Skateboarding is not just a sport or hobby but has become a subculture with its own fashion sense. In this guide, we’ll take an in-depth look at what skateboarders wear and why.

Skateboarder Style

Skateboarding has come a long way from its humble beginnings in the 1950s when it was known as “sidewalk surfing.” It has evolved into a multi-million dollar industry with its own fashion trends. The style of skateboarders is heavily influenced by the music, art, and street culture of their surroundings. Skateboarders often wear baggy clothes for comfort and freedom of movement, with a touch of rebellion and individuality.

Isn’t it interesting how much thought goes into the skateboarder’s style? But, let’s not forget about the skateboard itself. If you’re wondering how much is a good skateboard, then you’re asking the right question! The skateboard is the star of the show and is as much a part of the skater’s style as the clothes they wear. Typically, a good skateboard can range anywhere from $50 to $200. It’s not just a mode of transport, but a symbol of their identity, a canvas for their creativity. So, while the cost may be a consideration, it’s the passion for the ride that really defines a skateboarder.

Fashion Evolution of Skateboarding

Let’s Break It Down


The most important piece of clothing for skateboarders is their shoes. Skateboarding involves a lot of footwork and requires shoes that can withstand repeated impact. Skateboarders need shoes with good grip to stay on their board and absorb the shock of landing tricks. Vegan skate shoes, made from synthetic materials instead of leather, are also gaining popularity in the skateboarding community.


Baggy pants have been a staple in skateboarder fashion since the 90s. They provide freedom of movement while performing tricks and protect against scrapes and bruises. However, recently there has been a shift towards wearing tighter pants or even leggings, as they allow for more flexibility and better control on the board.


Skateboarders tend to wear t-shirts with graphics and logos that represent their favorite brands or bands. Long-sleeved shirts are also popular for added protection against falls and scrapes. Some skateboarders opt for button-up shirts, which give a more sophisticated and polished look.


Hoodies are another essential item for skateboarders, as they provide warmth and protection in colder weather. They also have a large front pocket that can hold tools and accessories needed for skateboarding. Many skateboarders customize their hoodies with patches or pins to showcase their personal style.


Baseball caps and beanies are popular choices for skateboarders to keep their hair out of their face while riding and protect their head from the sun. Snapbacks with flat brims are a common sight in the skateboarding world, often worn backwards or at an angle for a casual and carefree look.


Skateboarders wear thick socks that provide extra cushioning and support for their feet. Many brands have started making socks specifically designed for skateboarding, with reinforced areas and moisture-wicking material to keep feet dry.


Skateboarders often wear accessories that are both functional and fashionable. Backpacks or sling bags are a must-have to carry essential items like water bottles, snacks, and spare parts for their skateboard. Wristbands and sweatbands are also popular among skateboarders for practical purposes and as fashion statements.

Brands in Skateboarding Fashion Skateboarders Wear

Safety Gear

Skateboarding is a high-risk sport, so many skateboarders wear safety gear to protect themselves. Helmets, elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist guards are common safety equipment worn by skateboarders. While some may see these as uncool or unnecessary, they can prevent serious injuries and are highly recommended for beginners.

Brands in Skateboarding Fashion

Skateboarders often support and represent their favorite brands through their clothing. Some popular skateboarding fashion brands include Vans, Nike SB, Thrasher, Supreme, Huf, Santa Cruz, and Obey. These brands have a strong presence in the skateboarding community and sponsor professional skateboarders, who often wear their branded clothing in competitions and events.

Celebrity Influence

Skateboarding has gained mainstream popularity over the years, thanks to numerous celebrity skateboarders like Tony Hawk, Nyjah Huston, and Ryan Sheckler. These athletes have not only influenced the sport but also its fashion trends. Many celebrities from other industries have also adopted skateboarding fashion into their wardrobe, making it a widely recognized and accepted style.

Fashion Evolution of Skateboarding

Skateboarding fashion has gone through many changes since its early days. In the 70s and 80s, skaters were known for wearing shorts, tube socks, and tank tops. The baggy pants trend took over in the 90s with influences from hip-hop and grunge fashion. In the 2000s, skateboarding fashion became more streamlined and athletic with the rise of streetwear brands.


Do skateboarders have a dress code?

No, there is no official dress code for skateboarders, but they tend to follow certain fashion trends associated with the sport.

Why do skateboarders wear baggy clothes?

Baggy clothes provide freedom of movement and protect against scrapes and bruises while skateboarding.

Can I wear any type of shoes for skateboarding?

No, it is recommended to wear special skateboarding shoes with good grip and shock absorption for the safety and performance of skateboarders.

Is safety gear necessary for skateboarding?

While it is not mandatory, wearing safety gear can prevent serious injuries and is highly recommended for beginners.

Are there any specific brands that specialize in skateboarding fashion?

Yes, many popular brands like Vans, Nike SB, Thrasher, and Huf have a strong presence in the skateboarding community and offer specialized clothing for skateboarders.


Skateboarding fashion is a unique and constantly evolving style that reflects the rebellious and individualistic nature of the sport. From the shoes to the accessories, every piece of clothing worn by skateboarders serves a purpose while also making a statement. As skateboarding continues to gain popularity, its fashion trends will continue to evolve, influenced by both professional athletes and celebrity culture.