What to Look for While Visiting a Teashop: A Guide

With the increasing interest in tea and the popularity of teashops, people are buying more teas than ever before. They may not know that there are many different types of teas when you search “teashop near me“, each with its specific flavour profile and health benefits. So, here are some things you should consider when you go to such as shop:

Quickly Scan the Building for a General Feeling of Cleanliness

When you search for “teashop near me”, you’ll find a suitable one from the many options. And when you get there, quickly scan the building for a general feeling of cleanliness. Look for signs of pests or insect infestation in the building. Look at the floors, counters and tables; if they seem dirty or dusty, likely, they’re not being cleaned regularly enough.

Check out the bathroom—if it’s dirty or there are signs of mould growth on the sink faucets, it could indicate that staff members’ hygiene standards aren’t being met (or worse).

Ask About Their Tea Ingredients

When you visit a tea shop, ask about their ingredients. Do they buy their teas from wholesalers or farmers directly? How long have they been sitting on the shelf? Is it made from fresh leaves or pre-packaged tea bags? The answers to these questions will help you determine whether or not the teashop is paying attention to quality and freshness.

Once you’ve found a tea shop that meets your standards, ask to see their teas. You should be able to see and smell the leaves if they offer this service or will keep you from touching anything.

Find Out If They Sell Fresh Tea Leaves or Pre-Packaged Tea Bags

There are many differences between fresh and pre-packaged tea leaves, which include the taste and overall quality of the tea. However, pre-packaged teas are still better than nothing if you’re on a budget or don’t have time to brew your pot at home. Meanwhile, some expected benefits that fresh tea leaves offer over their dried counterparts include the following:

  • A longer shelf life
  • Better flavour and aroma
  • Convenience

Taste a Cup of Hot Tea in the Shop Before You Buy It

Buying a cup of tea is an important decision, so you should ensure you get the best possible product. Asking for a sample in-store is an easy way to test both the taste and freshness of the brew. Don’t be afraid to ask how it’s prepared, too!

However, remember that tea bags are also convenient and can be used to make great tea. If all you have is a teabag on hand, add more leaves and brew longer than usual.

Ask Them How Long the Products Have Been Sitting on the Shelf

Knowing how long the tea leaves have been sitting on the shelf is essential. The longer they are left, the more their flavour will deteriorate. So ask them how long they’ve been there, and if it’s more than six months (or even three), you might want to go elsewhere for your tea. There are chances that the products might be sitting there for months or years. And if they reply with a “don’t know” or they can’t tell you, it might be time to find another place. Meanwhile, teas are best stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight (pantry or cellar).