Top Locations To Have Your Dream Wedding

When Planning a Beach Wedding

Weddings are an undeniably special occasion and such a special time calls for a special place! Why not exchange your vows in one of the best wedding destinations in the world? Here are some of the most affordable, most beautiful, and most convenient wedding destinations in the world brought to you by

  1. Santorini

For a destination that matches seamlessly with any bride’s beautiful white dress, the Greek island of Santorini lies in wait. Here, whitewashed houses cling to the breathtaking cliffs, while their famous cobalt blue roofs match the endless expanse of the glittering ocean below. Turn up the heat with a ceremony on one of the island’s volcanic sand beaches while a fiery copper sunset creates a truly unforgettable wedding moment. For something different, head to the mesmerizing black sand beaches of the island’s East coast or the red sand beach of the South.

  1. Fiji

Walk down an aisle of soft white sand to the rhythm of cascading crystal blue waves with a tropical Fijian wedding. With more than 3000 islands making up this archipelago in the South Pacific, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting the perfect island for your special day. In this tropical oasis, palm trees line the beaches, and vibrant coral reefs lie in wait to be explored. If you and your future Mr. or Mrs. dream of an exotic, beachside wedding, this is one destination that the two of you will love.

  1. Tuscany

At the heart of Italy lies the beautiful region of Tuscany. A leading bucket list destination thanks to its history, culture, and romance, Tuscany’s capital Florence is home to some of the world’s most famous art and architecture. Just a short drive out of this awe-inspiring city lies the rolling Tuscan hills. With endless fields of stunning vineyards, this charming Italian destination will transport your guests to a world of tranquillity and romance. With fantasy sunsets that belong in an art gallery, a wedding in Tuscany is an incredible way to start your new life together.

  1. Rome

Set a precedent for a marriage that will stand the test of time in a city that has done so for millennia. For centuries, world travelers have ventured to Rome to discover the city that has been transformed by many of history’s most significant figures, including Julius Caesar and creative geniuses Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael. Create your own moment of history by escorting your guests and future husband or wife to this timeless city. With stunning sights, including the Trevi Fountain, Colosseum, and Spanish Steps, hiding around every corner, a wedding in Rome will be nothing short of incredible. Your wedding guests will still have incredible experience when playing games at real money online casino from this location.

  1. Provincial France

Romantic cobblestoned lanes, fairytale villages and dreamy fields of lavender fill the lush green hills of Provincial France. As such, it’s no surprise it has seduced artists such as Vincent Van Gogh and Picasso for centuries. From Burgundy to Provence, Avignon to Bordeaux, and more, there is a range of options for your French provincial wedding.

  1. Palm Springs, USA
    In the desert of Southern California lies the sun-soaked oasis of Palm Springs. Known as the playground of Hollywood’s A-Listers and the famous Rat Pack, this destination will bring some star appeal to your wedding. With more than 350 days of sunshine and less than five inches of rain annually, expect nothing other than perfect weather for your special day.