What is the Appeal of Diamond Wedding Rings?

Appeal of Diamond Wedding Rings

Think of a wedding ring and you may well think of a diamond ring. It is the perfect ring to celebrate the happy union between two people. But why is this case? Why are diamonds so appealing?

If you are planning on getting married in the near future, congratulations. It is exciting to have a whole new life planned with the one you love. However, before you can enjoy the ceremony and celebrations afterward, there is a lot of planning that needs to be done.

One of the more important things to work out is what kind of wedding rings you are going to have. Many couples have matching rings in the required sizes. Some are plain gold while others go for something different in titanium or platinum. Still more opt for diamond wedding rings, and when you look at the rings available today, it is easy to see why.

Diamonds are of course said to be a girl’s best friend. But their popularity goes back further into history than you may think. Royalty in the medieval times throughout Europe certainly enjoyed their fair share of diamond jewellery. Diamonds have become more accessible to many as well but it wasn’t until we reached the 20th century that they started to become popular as engagement rings. Nowadays, we also set diamonds into the most beautiful wedding rings too. An area such as Hatton Garden in London is famous for its jewellers.   Perhaps this is one of the main reasons why many people instinctively look for diamond wedding rings in Hatton Garden

But we owe the popularity of the diamond wedding ring (and indeed the diamond engagement ring) on the words of Frances Gerety. She came up with the famous slogan everyone has heard of: “A diamond is forever.” She created that slogan back in the late Forties and since then many people have grown up with it in their minds. A diamond stands for romance and timeless love. They are beautiful and when set into a wedding ring they convey a message that is hard to deny. It is perhaps ironic then that Frances Gerety never actually married during her lifetime. She has however left the world with perhaps one of the simplest and most famous sayings it has ever seen.

Diamond wedding rings also come in a variety of sizes and designs. While you can buy expensive rings set with large diamonds, it is also possible to buy simpler designs with one or more much smaller diamonds set into the design. As such, there is something available for all couples to enjoy and to help signify their nuptials.

All that remains, then, is to go shopping together to work out which diamond ring styles suit you both. Then on your big day, you can exchange the rings that mean so much to you, and which signify the start of your new life together.