Cleaning of Fibreglass Swimming Pools

Fibreglass pools are the best choice when it comes to installing pools in your backyard. Pools require regular cleaning to maintain the durability and health of swimmers. If you have heard the benefits of a fibreglass pool and invested in one last summer, it’s time to know how to clean it. Of course, if you are willing to do it yourself.

Cleaning and maintenance of fibreglass swimming pools are as easy as it gets. You can do it yourself and do not need to source a pool cleaner.

Tips to Clean Your Pool

You had heard it right when you were told fibreglass swimming pools require no maintenance. But to maintain the water quality and keep your pool clean, you must follow a few minimum steps.

1.    Pick Out Debris Regularly

You don’t want to swim in a pool full of debris and dirt. Even if the pool is situated away from the garden and there are no trees nearby, the wind brings leaves, twigs, dirt, and insects to the water.

Clean it immediately if you find insects and other debris floating on the water’s surface. This reduces the amount of work needed to be done for monthly cleanings.

Pool skimmers, i.e., a net attached to an adjustable pole, allow you to collect all debris lying on the water surface. You can add a fine mesh to the net to collect fine particles.

2.    Use Pool Vacuum

This does not need to be done regularly; try to vacuum once a month. Vacuuming the floor of the pool is similar to vacuuming your house, only it is underwater. It will keep the pool sparkly as it cleans the tiniest particles and dirt from the swimming pool floor.

3.    Clean Rust Stains

You cannot avoid stains in the pool. Imbalance in water, presence of other minerals, and chlorine cause stains to appear. Dirt accumulating on the surface can cause stains on the waterline. Sunblocks, oil, and cream can cause ring stains.

Start cleaning stains as soon as they appear on the fibreglass. Leaving them for later will only make them stubborn.

Use vitamin C tablets on the stain and watch them magically disappear. For stubborn stains, try detergent or tile cleaner.

4.    Using Pool Filter

To keep your pool water clean, use filters. If you use the pool daily, one circulation daily is enough to keep the water clear.

Most people forget that filters need cleaning, too, because the debris and pool dirt get caught in the system. Cleaning a pool filter is easy, and you can do it yourself.

5.    Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Use a pool cover to save cleaning time
  • Use nylon brushes to ensure you do not scratch the surface of the pool
  • Keep water level above the skimmer
  • Do not use chemicals or any strong material; use only natural products meant for fibreglass
  • Invest in quality equipment


Regular cleaning of the pool will ensure you enjoy a good time at the pool every day after work. After all, having a pool is a luxury not everyone can afford, mostly because of the maintenance. Fibreglass swimming pools allow you to make the most out of a pool without spending a lot on maintenance. You can get a full-service pool company to inspect the pool once a year or whenever the need arises.