Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Solar Panels in Australia

Australia is considered one of the top world leaders in domestic rooftop solar panel installation. Every day Australians are increasing their usage of renewable energy, mounting more rooftop solar panels than before, and expanding the size of their rooftop panels.

Given below are some essential factors to consider when buying the best solar panels in Australia:

1. Size of Solar Panels

The first factor to examine is the size and compatibility of the solar panels. For Australia, it is recommended to place all solar panels pointing north. So, choose a roof size that meets this criterion.

While you may face your domestic solar panels west or east, you want to achieve the best solar power location. The size of your boards should be appropriate for the side of the roof where you intend to put solar panels.

2. Number of Solar Panels

When looking for the ideal solar panels in Australia, you must first determine the number of panels you will require. The quantity of rooftop solar panels needed is determined by the amount of power necessary for your property. The higher the solar panel rating, the more electricity generated and the fewer panels required.

3. Solar Panel Efficiency

Solar Panel Efficiency is an essential factor to consider when purchasing solar panels. The panel’s capacity to convert input energy into output energy is referred to as panel efficiency.

The average panel efficiency should be between 15% and 16%. Anything between 17% and 19$ efficiency is considered good, with 20% efficiency being the best. Better efficiency means getting more electricity even when the sun isn’t shining brightly.

4. Warranty Terms

It is also critical to select panels with a longer warranty duration. Choosing a solar panel with an extended product warranty would be best. You should also ensure that your solar panels come with a performance warranty. A performance warranty guarantees that if your panel falls short of a certain level of performance, the manufacturer will replace it.

5. Durability

Durability is another factor to keep in mind when purchasing solar panels. Since Australia suffers severe winds occasionally, panel durability is essential to minimise as much disruption as feasible. Durable panels will keep you from having to replace them all the time, which may be inconvenient.

Do Solar Panels Work During Winters in Australia?

Yes, solar panels do not lose their potential to generate electricity during the winter. Certain solar panels contain silicon that has been covered with non-reflective glass, causing heat to be generated. The heat melts any snow accumulated on the panel, allowing the surface to absorb sunlight. Therefore, solar panels in Australia continue to function normally in winters.

What Direction Should Solar Panels Face in Australia?

Solar panels should face the direction of the sun to absorb the most sunlight. Determining the orientation of the panels does need skilled positioning.

If you live in the southern hemisphere, the panels should be north-facing to maximise energy production. The panels should be south-facing if the country is located in the northern hemisphere. For Australia, the panels should face northward.


One of the most excellent methods for choosing solar panels is to get them from a reputable solar panel specialist. You should purchase solar panels from a supplier with experience and skill in the industry.