Can I use a mountain bike on a turbo trainer?

Mountain biking and turbo training are great ways to improve fitness, lose weight, and stay healthy. But they have one thing in common: it’s hard to find a good combination of both.

If you have a turbo trainer, you can use a mountain bike and schwinn hybrid on it. However, if you have a power meter, your best bet is to use the trainer with your bike’s own crank or flywheel instead of an external one. The reason is that the design of power meters has evolved over time and varies across brands. A power meter is only as accurate as its calibration parameters, which are often slightly different from those of the crank or flywheel being used with it.

What is a mountain bike?

Mountain bikes are lightweight, single-speed hybrids engineered with lots of performance and versatility in mind. They’re designed for riding at high speeds on trails or technical groomed paths that would challenge an endurance bike like a road race-machine, but some prefer to customize them so they can simply tear up the streets on weekend rides with often faster top speeds than heavier racers. Others prioritize weight over speed: mountain biking is about getting out there and having as much fun as possible, whether that means struggling up a hill or dropping into the corners.

What is a turbo trainer?

A turbo trainer combines the intense training benefits of cycling on a stationary bike with the speed and cardiovascular workout you can get in outdoor riding by going for short rides outdoors rather than doing extensive intervals indoors. The result is an all-in-one system designed to help anyone serious about building endurance train faster while staying healthy and fit over long-term training periods.

Can I use a mountain bike on a turbo trainer?

Turbo trainers allow you to use your mountain bikes and spin them around, just like indoors at the bike shop. Most models will work on most standard flat-mount and drop bars sizes 17″ – 20″. Mountain bikes may require different fittings than road/cross or hybrids depending upon the model; consult the manufacturer before purchasing a turbo trainer that is meant to be used with a traditional “road” Mtb.

Using a mountain bike on a trainer

Step 1: The bike should have the front wheel securely attached to a special tube that comes from below the rear axle and goes up through both axles. This allows you to turn the bike without moving it because of its low center of gravity. Many are available in ERGO DESIGN styles with a properly spaced drop (i.e., not squatted down), cross-bar sizes 17″ – 20″.

Step 2: Rubber bands work well to keep the flywheel and crank from turning.

Step 3: Fit saddle to frame/bike, specifically account for clearance needed on the front of seat post or you will experience a neighborly wind-shear effect! One method is folding forward of the bike (about 1 inch), so your balls are safely over that part at all times. Sometimes it’s best to buy one without folds in them and cut holder mesh panel from floor mat down to where your crotch and legs rest on the seat.

Step 4: Velcro down appropriate trainer clothing! High-quality “seamless” material that is not see-through allows for maximum airflow to keep you cool and dry at all times when cycling. Make sure it does NOT cover knees or buy a model without inseams so straps net stay inside the garment where they should be—protecting beautiful skin against sun/wind /abrasion.

Step 5: Top it off with a turbo trainer cap in whatever color you choose (red, black, or Blue!). The top of the “turbo ring” should cover your entire eyes when wearing goggles; avoid training under the direct sun as this causes damage to coverage lenses over time! Buy local and support small-town businesses. Buying from online outlets can raise shipping costs! Your turbo trainer cap WILL get dirty. Replace often! This can help reduce drying time and shield any localized sunscreen tan from developing on training garments.

My favorite “turbo ring” already has a hole in it and will be able to mount my small video bike camera there as well as keep important luggage securely attached etc…

Step 6: Enjoy your new cycling aids—and don’t forget the bottle of hand sanitizer too.

Turbo bike trainer essentials that you need to know

  1. A quality turbo trainer cap to protect your eyes from the sun while cycling
  2. Seamless, high-quality training clothing that does not cover knees and is preferably black, blue, or red
  3. A small video bike camera to help you track your progress
  4. A bottle of high-quality fast action hand sanitizer
  5. Soccer socks made for cycling to prevent getting the bottom of your riding pants scuffed up—very popular with my turbo clients!
  6. Your favorite music and tunes before you start, so each ride (despite speed) is uneventful, fun, easy, and enjoyable time truly in the saddle.
  7. Finally, don’t forget your Turbo Trainer Cap and hand sanitizer!

How to Set Up a Mountain Bike for Indoor Training?

Looking for a way to improve your fitness without having to spend hours outside in the elements? Indoor training is perfect for you! In fact, many top athletes also swear by indoor cycling as an excellent means of conditioning and improving overall fitness. With today’s technology, many people have access to high-quality home bikes that are capable of simulating outdoor rides. Here we will show you how easy it is to set up your own mountain bike indoors for the best and most challenging variety of cycling abilities. Keep reading How to Remove Cruiser Bike Fork Quick Method

Step 1: Purchase a quality indoor bike & get all tools necessary for installation within reach. Nothing is worse than being too embarrassed to ask family members or friends if they would help you use their house bikes since it requires so little effort on your behalf! Even in small spaces making sure that things are set up according to your needs can be as simple as opening up a few items from each room into a common area. Depending on what you need in those areas (There are some bikes that boast electronic shifting, etc.) It may be possible to have everything next to each other instead of having it broken up or scattered throughout rooms if the space permits).

Step 2: Get rid of all floor clutter by putting down towels layered with newspaper, removing rugs from carpeted floors and throwing out any sofa chairs &/or couches.

Step 3: That’s only if you have carpeting! If not, go grab your nylon shower curtain or linoleum and rip it off the edges so that nothing is ever touching a hard floor.


While it’s true that you can use a mountain bike on a turbo trainer, it would be more of an all-terrain bike. The biggest difference between the two is that the mountain bike has a suspension system, whereas the turbo trainer doesn’t. This makes for an easier workout as your body will be less stressed and jolted by sudden movements from the machine.