Healthy lifestyle: do’s and don’ts, rules and advice 

Healthy lifestyle

How to lead a healthy lifestyle? If you think about it, the answer is apparently simple: eat healthy, exercise, and take care of yourself. But the truth is that then very few succeed in dealing with everyday life. The big question of all time is: why? Little will? Few means? Or just indifference?

There is a factor that few calculate, but which the school is trying to remedy: education. School and family are the first places where the future adult should learn a healthy lifestyle. But the reality is another: at school, children smoke, buy ready-made snacks and snacks and leave out physical education. With these premises, it is quite difficult that as adults they are more inclined to a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy lifestyle: rules and advice

Carrying on a healthy lifestyle today is not easy: do you have little time to cook? Buy something pre-cooked and that’s no problem. Are you tired/bored/stressed at the end of the day? Throw yourself on the sofa and turn on the TV. These are things that happen every day, of which we are also very often indifferent protagonists.

So let’s try to brush up on some fundamental pillars of a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Eat well and healthy

The sphere of nutrition is becoming more and more the subject of criticism, let’s take cow’s milk for example: according to some theories it is at the origin of many evils because it seems to protein, actually poor in calcium and because in essence, our body does not have any. absolutely necessary (no other species in nature consumes milk after weaning if not cats for gluttony). The undersigned has eliminated cow’s milk and has benefited from it.

Then there is the defendant par excellence: refined sugar, what is it for? To give rise to tooth decay, diabetes, and various problems. Wouldn’t honey be better? It is an excellent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory not to mention that each type of different honey has its own properties (for example, chestnut honey is excellent against anemia, while eucalyptus honey is optimal for those with respiratory problems or colds, etc. ).

Animal fat is another sore point, it is certainly not like sugar that is now put almost everywhere. But let’s think of salami like lardo di colonnade, which many consider very good. But which is actually a smooth road towards cardiocirculatory problems, ditto for butter and lard that should be used little if not almost never.

Olive oil is instead the top, attention: raw! Cooked very often it loses its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties (and in the salad, there are no more than two teaspoons).

The meat should be eaten in moderation and should preferably be white, but surely you already know that.

Legumes and whole grains are precious allies that very often take a back seat: instead, legumes contain proteins and whole grains are a source of mineral salts and provide the same energy. But less sugar, than white bread and pasta. Obviously, plenty of fruit and vegetables.

When it comes to drinks, of course, nothing beats homemade centrifuged and juices that are endless times healthier than those you find at the supermarket.

The classic glass of wine with a meal is okay (but in reality if you eat the grapes with all the skin you get the same result). But the other alcohols should be avoided because they seriously harm the body.

  1. Movement

Especially once you reach the age of thirty, making the movement becomes indispensable. There is obviously a “but”: but why walk my way if I can take the car/motorbike / public transport? If the distance is great it is more than justified but if it is a walk, what harm is there if you do it on foot? The same situation for the bike thrown in the attic or in the cellar, it is an interesting workout if practiced consistently

In a healthy lifestyle, movement is basic but half the population continues to turn a deaf ear and then finds themselves with extra pounds, circulatory problems, joint problems, depression, and respiratory problems. If, on the other hand. We tried to practice at least half an hour of sport a day (which can also be simply a walk), our mood would improve and also our body.

  1. Healthy lifestyle and stress

A healthy lifestyle implies little stress, which refers to a movement that helps to release tension, helps to relax but also to distract yourself, and then, let’s face it. Seeing yourself in better shape is less stressful than looking in the mirror thinking “oh my bacon “. Everyone focuses on yoga, which as a meditative activity helps a lot to relax, but I would focus more on laughter that really helps to feel good. Attending to people who make us feel good is a way to relax, play with our animal friends, or just walk in a natural environment. Maintaining social relationships helps to live better.

The ten commandments of a healthy lifestyle:

  1. Do not smoke, smoking harms you and those around you;
  2. Eat a healthy diet, perhaps the Mediterranean one, chewing slowly and slowly;
  3. Get the right amount of sleep and forget about the problems before going to bed (read: How to relax before bed );
  4. Predict it calmly: getting excited, angry, and stressed will not help you have a healthy lifestyle
  5. Move as often as you can and go straight to the gym if you can. As soon as you can, unplug it, turn off your cell phone, unplug the TV and take back your time;
  6. Be flexible, realistic and show your feelings and take responsibility;
  7. Respect the environment, your neighbor, be friendly and kind to all animals and make use of products and materials that do not harm you or nature;
  8. Avoid alcohol and especially hangover, high-calorie foods, and drugs, forget about energy drinks rather eat more fruit and vegetables;
  9. Spend some time for silence, meditation, and reflection;
  10. Get up early and go to bed early, live at a regular pace, but without getting overwhelmed by routine.

These are just some tips for having a healthy lifestyle, what do you think?

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