Why Sex Toys and Discrete Packaging are Wise for Shy College Girls

Going to college is an exciting time for girls, particularly as a place to meet lifelong friends and experience sexual adventures. However, you’re very inexperienced sexually and aren’t sure how you feel about this experimentation. You deserve some fun and sex toys might be a good way to transition into open sexual experimentation. Discrete packaging may help make this experimentation less obvious to your nosy roommates.

Sex Toys are a Great Option for College Students

College is one of the best times for sexual experimentation because there are so many young and beautiful people ready to live on their own for the first time. You may find it a bit overwhelming to even attempt to meet potential sexual partners if you lack real experience. This could be a problem because sexual pleasure is one of the healthiest and most appropriate things you can experience.

So if you’re not quite ready to jump into bed with someone else just yet, you can explore your sexual interest with sex toys. For example, you can buy a vibrator and enjoy a little solo pleasure while thinking about cute boys or girls that you see on campus just about every day.

After you buy a vibrator, you’re going to have to learn things like appropriate use, handling, power management, and discrete usage. You’ll also have to learn how to clean and store them to keep them protected and safe. If you feel uncomfortable about this big change, many companies provide discrete packaging that can make this experience a little less concerning for shy girls.

Discrete Packaging is an Important Consideration

If you’re interested in buying sex toys for your college dorm, consider finding companies that sell sex toys with discreet packaging. Discrete packaging typically includes a covering paper that doesn’t show what you purchased and uses a label with a generic company name that doesn’t reveal what is inside. As a result, your nosy dorm mates won’t know what you just bought.

Even better, many sex toys come in a bland box that doesn’t reveal what you purchased. As a result, you can open the package in front of your roommates and put the box somewhere else for later. Then, when no one is around, you can open it out, get out the sex toy, and try it out. Make sure that you lock your door or wait until your roommates are gone before trying it out for yourself.

Most companies that sell sex toys will provide discrete packaging options that you can use to keep your sexual adventures to yourself. While there’s nothing to be ashamed of at all in buying sex toys, you may just find it easier to keep this experience discrete until you feel more comfortable. Then, you can talk about your favorite vibrators with your roommates. Until then, keep it discrete.

Considering Your Options

If you’re just starting your sexual journey in college and want to buy sex toys without drawing attention to yourself, discrete packaging is an important consideration. There are many companies that provide this option and make sure that your dorm mates don’t know that you ordered a vibrator or a pair of vibrating panties. While it’s none of their business, it’s good to know they won’t know.

Just as importantly, you can enjoy self-pleasure and expand to experimenting with partners later. For example, you may find yourself interested more in women than men and find that a good range of sex toys makes your experiments more enjoyable. Whatever direction your sex life goes, having a multitude of sex toys can help make your experience satisfying and appropriate to your needs.