How to Crowdfund Your College Education

Crowdfund Your College Education

The ultimate dream of the millennial experience is a free college education. That’s why you can find 20,000 people under 25 at any Bernie Sanders rally. People born in the late 80s and early 90s are horrified of the staggering amounts of student debt our generation is being subjected to, and we are starting to come up with creative solutions to remedy this. Some think electing Bernie is one of them, but there are more short-term solutions as well.

Until the system stops being rigged against people trying to enter the working world via obscene employment requirements and ridiculous student loan policies, young people will be looking for help any way we can get it. Follow these instructions on how to crowdfund your college education, and you could find yourself in a millennial dream come true.

Tell a Good Story

Before you look for help with your college education, you will need a compelling reason why you deserve help. It’s not going to be enough to say “I need a college education so I can get a decent job in my field of choice.” You need some sort of higher purpose to motivate the masses to rally behind your cause. I won’t pass any moral judgments on your level of honesty in this higher purpose, but it will always be more compelling if it is the truth.

Use the Internet

You’ve spent so many years building a massive social network via Facebook, Twitter, or whatever your website of choice is. Now is the time to use it. Organize your campaign with a Kickstarter or Gofundme page and operate it full time. Write out your gorgeous essay on how you are going to use your college education to save the world, and share it with your potential backers. Promote it like hell through every social media you use.

Get Support from Family and Friends

It would be downright wasteful to not take advantage of all of the goodwill you have built up in your social circles over the first 18 years of your life. What was the point of attending agonizingly boring family functions and seeing your best friend’s awful plays if they can’t help you in your time of need?

Pester the people closest to you incessantly until they cave and support your college education. Refuse to show any shame. This is your college education, and it matters more than anything.

Get Scholarships

It’s a bit more of a conventional solution than the term “crowdfunding” suggests, but it’s conventional for good reason. Apply for the numerous amount of scholarships available to you in order to shrink the amount of financial support you need. There is a large amount of scholarships available, including some unique and easy ones, like the Washington State university Explore WSU scholarship, where you can earn $1,000 just for visiting the campus. So dedicate all of your free time for the next month to sending in scholarship applications. The wider net you cast, the more you will catch.